Spanky’s Corner

The audio adventure of 2 nincompoops, Julia and Tyler. These astute homo
sapiens were overwhelmed by the grueling demands of community college and now
have their own respective radio shows at B96 in Chicago. Tune in for hot
takes, pop culture drama, working through life's worst pickles, interviews
with only the most inexplicably strange humans and celebrities, and true
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Your Evening Spank -- Tue Mar 10

Your daily bunch of gossipy nonsense from Julia and Tyler. They almost killed Chelsea Cutler today. Whoops. Listen to the story then listen (please) to the...

Chelsea Cutler Is Back!

It's been 63 days since Chelsea jumped on Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST! She's now the second person (shoutout to Normani) to be a three time guest on this...

Your Evening Spank -- Thur Mar 5

Julia is sick. In an effort to prove this podcast doesn't need her, Tyler brings in Sonic from 104.3 Jams. They immediately realize this podcast does, in fact...

Your Evening Spank -- Wed Mar 4

HERE COMES DAILY GOSSIP AND NONSENSE WITH JULIA AND TYLER!!! Breaking news: Ultra in Miami has been postponed... errrr cancelled because of coronavirus...

Your Evening Spank -- Tues Mar 3

More daily nonsense from Julia and Tyler from B96/Chicago cause why not. Jessica Biel is walking around wedding ringless. WHAT IS HAPPENING???? ARE THEY...

Your Evening Spank -- Mon Mar 2

Gossip and nonsense on the go! Julia and Tyler have 5 things that we can finally look forward to in March. Oprah in the news AGAIN! Tyler thinks her stage fall...