WATCH: CNCO's American TV Debut

We saw first hand how amazing CNCO was at the Pepsi Summerbash , but was Good Morning America ready? Since they are so big in our world (and Latin America) it's hard to believe that THIS performance was their American television debut! Congrats guys! Check them out performing "Pretend": Video of...
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The Illinois Voter Registration Cut-off is Approaching!

The cut-off for people to register to vote in Illinois is getting closer! Why should you vote? How do you register? And where? Why I do I vote? When I was little, my parents made a big deal out of voting. They were first generation Mexicans born in the United States, my Dad served just short of a...
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WATCH: The Royal Wedding in 2 Minutes!

It's all ANYONE could talk about for months ~ the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! But who gets up at 4am to watch?! And it was hourrrrrssssss long! You know everyone will be talking about it tomorrow so get the cliff notes version of the whole thing in 2 minutes below: Video of...
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