Chimpanzee Born at Detroit Zoo Successfully Unites With Adoptive Mom

Detroit Zoological Society animal care staff hand-reared a male chimpanzee born in early January before they successfully transitioned his care to an adoptive chimpanzee mom.
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Scientists Say These Tiny Critters Are Making ‘Snot Palaces’ in the Ocean

Would you like to live in a palace full of snot? Scientists have reported that they have found tiny critters that are making ‘snot palaces’ in the ocean.
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Dakota Johnson Reveals Her Grandmother Has ‘13 or 14 Lions and Tigers’

Dakota Johnson’s grandmother is a real-life tiger queen. The actress revealed that her grandmother has ‘13 or 14 lions and tigers.’ She has pictures to prove it.
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Free Online Training for your Dog

Want to get Fido to act right and show off when the pandemic is over? This can help and it's free!
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No Social Distancing for Goats as Herd Takes Over California Neighborhood

With less people out and about, animals are getting a little confident with where they roam. Why did the goat cross the road in San Jose? Because dozens of his billygoat buddies were doing the same thing.
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This Groundhog Eating Pizza on a Woman's Patio Will Make You Miss Being Outside

Meet your quarantine spirit animal. A Philadelphia woman captured a video of an adorable groundhog nibbling on pizza with its buck teeth, all while looking through her glass sliding door. See the clip here.
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You Can Now Invite a Llama or Goat to Your Zoom Call for $65

Sweet Farm is allowing fans to invite one of their animals to their Zoom calls. For $65, the animal of your choosing will join your video call for 10 minutes. See the details.
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Couple Working From Home Files Formal HR Complaint Against Cat

Plenty of us are having to adjust to now working from home each and every day. One couple had to take drastic measures to put one of their distractions in its place. See the details.
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Pandas at Hong Kong Zoo Finally Mate After Decade During Coronavirus Shutdown

All they needed was a little bit of privacy and some quarantine. While people as social distancing at home, two pandas at a zoo in Hong Kong are being celebrated for mating naturally after a decade of trying. Read more now!
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Thinking About Adopting a Cat? Checkout Felines & Canines Virtual Cat Cafe!

Virtual Cat Cafe With Felines & Canines!
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