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Photo by RO @RadiobecChicago

Top 5 Backstage Moments at the 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash

There is so much going on at every B96 show and this year's Pepsi Jinglebash proved it to be true again! Sure you see the amazing show...but what about the "show" happening backstage? I got you! TOP 5 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash Backstage Moments 5- NCT 127 Are Fans! NCT 127 fans go CRAZY for them...and...
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Top 10 BACKSTAGE Moments from the 2018 Pepsi Summerbash

After months of waiting, the 2018 Pepsi Summerbash went down last night and did NOT disappoint! If you had a ticket to the show you saw what happened on-stage ...but what about the good stuff goin down backstage ?? Check out my Top 10 backstage moments below! Top 10 BACKSTAGE Moment from the 2018...
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Top 5 Backstage Moments from the 2017 Jinglebash

Sure you were blown away by the 2017 B96 Pepsi Jinglebash...but just wait til you hear what went down backstage! Find out here!
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