Mom Sits In on Son’s Math Class After He Kept Misbehaving

(98.7 KLUV) Becky Crandley was tired of hearing about her son misbehaving in school. She kept receiving reports of her son Harley showing a “bad attitude,” so she decided to take drastic measures. Becky told Metro, “I constantly threatened that I’d sit with him in school if needed, and he always...
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Steering Wheel

B96 Cares!

Teaching Teens To Be Safe Drivers How can teens be safer drivers? Encourage them to teach younger students how to drive. As they teach and roll model, it not only reinforces in them good driving behavior but it also teaches future drivers. Young kids are highly influenced by teenagers, so it could...
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Tablet Time: What Are Your Kids Rules For Using Electronics?

What are your tablet time rules?
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