Dreams Come Do Come True! Twinkies Cereal is happening!

If you're tired of people telling you Twinkies aren't for breakfast, those days are over! Delicious Twinkies are now a cereal! Just arrived on my doorstep: TWINKIES cereal from Post and Hostess. This cereal was leaked a few months back, but it’s finally here! Should be hitting shelves in late...
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Lucky Charms Marshmallow Dream Come True!

Is your favorite cereal Lucky Charms? Do you find yourself picking out the actual cereal JUST to eat the marshmallows? Apparently, you are not alone, and Lucky Charms is coming through just for you! Magically delicious in EVERY form! Grab a bag of @kraftjetpuffed marshmallows with Lucky Charms...
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Chicken and waffles

Chicken and Waffles Flavored Honey Bunches of Oats Coming to Walmart

Honey Bunches of Oats is a classic cereal that really doesn’t need to be touched. Apparently, they had a different opinion.
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Can Confirm: Pizza Is a Completely Acceptable and Nutritious Breakfast

When it comes to pizza, we have a lot of questions. But now we want to know: Is cereal a healthier breakfast food than pizza?
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