ChristkindlMarket Returning with Iconic Boot Mugs in Tow

We never thought we'd be this excited to say that the boot is back. For the first time in four years, the iconic Christkindlmarket boot is returning to Chicago! Organizers for the annual event made the announcement on Tuesday writing: We are excited to bring back the popular boot shape in three...
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Chicago Area Stores CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day 2019

If you have to travel for Thanksgiving, then you probably appreciate the barista that came to work that morning and made it possible for you to get your caffeine fix. Can you imagine visiting the family you only see once or twice a year and not grabbing your favorite cup of joe? I shudder at the...
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Chicago Area Stores OPEN Thanksgiving Day 2019

For some, it's a tradition to shop on Thanksgiving night. If you are one of those people (or you know someone) these stores WILL be open Turkey Day for all of your shopping needs, wants, and desires. Though, you may want to hold off on shopping for those Black Friday deals! Best Buy Bed Bath and...
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The B96 9 Most Wanted: Monday Mood Songs

Monday had ya'll feelin some kinda way and tonight's 9 Most Wanted definitely shows it! Whether you're having a bad day, the best day ever or crushing major - tonight's countdown has something for everyone thanks to your votes! See the full countdown below! The B96 9 Most Wanted for 11/04/19 9- Lil...
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Krispy Kreme's Donuts are the Only Meal You'll Need This Thanksgiving

Goodbye pumpkin spice pie , hello Dutch apple pie. Your Thanksgiving menu is about to get sweeter with these new holiday offerings from Krispy Kreme. The new collection is titled "Easy as Pie Donuts" with three new flavors: Dutch Apple Pie Donuts, Chocolate Kreme Pie Donut, and Cherry Pie Donut...
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REMINDER: Daylight Saving Ends Tonight!

Tonight it all comes to an end - Daylight Saving that is! Member when we "sprung ahead" an hour back in the Spring? Well tonight is the night we "fall behind" an hour so it won't get so dark so early! WOO HOO! What will you do with your extra hour? Sleep? Party? The choice is yours! Most cellphones...
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Chance The Rapper performs at American Airlines Arena.

DVR ALERT: Chance the Rapper Taking Over SNL TONIGHT!

We've been saying it endlessly, but SNL is really comin thru this season with the musical guests! And tonight they return with another new one with Chicago's very own Chance the Rapper! Don’t miss @chancetherapper on double duty TONIGHT ‼️-- A post shared by Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) on Oct 26...
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I'm Dreaming of a White... Halloween?

Usually, the first snowfall syncs up and adds to the magic of the holiday season. But by holiday season, I'm talking about Thanksgiving going into Christmas. I'm not talking about Halloween, which is when the first snowfall of the season is expected. A number of weather models are teasing chances...
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Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up "Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party is Coming to Chicago

Chicago is getting the Wonderland treatment. Mad Hatter's (Gin &) Tea Party is an immersive, theatrical cocktail experience coming to the Windy City. Are you ready for tea? ---- . . . . #MadHatterGTParty #madhatterginteaparty #marhattersparty #madhattersteaparty #madhatter #madhatters #teaparty...
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This Portillo's Pop-Up Experience in Chicago is Making Us Hungry

Portillo's is bringing Chicagoans a bun- believable experience. Food lovers, prepare for the first pop-up experience dedicated to fan favorites like the Chicago-style hot dog, Italian beef sandwiches, and the chocolate cake. The Portillo's Experience will feature plenty of interactive spaces at...
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