Guilty Pleasures

Quarantine Diaries: "Parking Lot Squatter" Loren from Boston

On this episode, Nina brings in her good friend Loren from Boston, " The Parking Lot Squatter !" Loren is an award-winning radio host and a very special friend of Nina's because of the bond they've created over the years working in radio. They talk about the support that they've given to each other...
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Man Eats Chik-fil-A 114 Days Straight — Here's What Happened

Some records are meant to be broken, but one man in San Diego went for a record no one knew existed. Mark Mendenhall has eaten at Chick-fil-A for 114 days in a row, excluding Sundays, reports Fox News . While the fast food chain hasn’t said if they keep "official" records for the feat, Mendenhall...
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