90-Year-Old Great-Great-Grandma Diagnosed With Coronavirus Is Making a Remarkable Recovery

Coronavirus was no match for one great-great-grandma from Washington. At 90-years-old, Geneva Wood is a survivor. First she survived a stroke in January, now she’s recovering from coronavirus. Read the full story now.
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First Responder’s Wife ‘Terrified’ To Give Birth Alone Due to Coronavirus

Close to a million women in the United States will give birth in the next three months amid the Covid-19 pandemic. One expecting mother spoke to RADIO.COM about how the illness has changed her birth plan.
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Guilty Pleasures

Episode 10: Mimosa Friday

Nina and her friends Gabe, Krista, and Angie have come together for a mimosa Friday and to discuss their thoughts around COVID-19. How are they staying safe? What are the "essential items" they're looking for on Amazon? How are people dating now!?!?! AND it's Gabe's Birthday weekend! It's...
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Kenzie K

Kenzie's Kwickies: Abnormal Quarantine Purchases

Kenzie's Kwickies
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Tom Hanks' Sister Says He's Doing 'Not Great, But Still OK' During Coronavirus Recovery

Tom Hanks’ sister gave an update on her brother, who is quarantined in Australia and recovering following a positive coronavirus diagnosis. She said he’s doing ‘not great, but still ok,’ and praised Australia’s healthcare system.
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11 of the Worst Pandemics in History

Global pandemics like the novel coronavirus have devastated populations for centuries, ranging from The Black Death in the 14th century to more modern diseases like the Spanish Flu.
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Disney Fans Believe 'Tangled' Predicted Coronavirus in 2010

Fans are freaking out after they made the connection that Rapunzel was trapped in a tower far away from the village of Corona. See the best reactions linking ‘Tangled’ to coronavirus.
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Company Announces At-Home Coronavirus Tests Will Be Available on March 23

You’ll soon be able to test for the coronavirus from the comforts of your own home. Everlywell has launched the first-ever at-home COVID-19 testing kit that will become available to the public starting Monday, March 23. Read more.
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61-Year-Old NBC News Employee Dies After Testing Positive for Coronavirus

A longtime NBC News employee passed away on Thursday after testing positive for coronavirus. Larry Edgeworth, an audio technician who worked at the company for 25 years, also suffered from other health issues, according to his wife, Crystal.
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Kate Middleton’s Brother Throws Adorable Doggie Dinner Party While in Self-Quarantine

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, who is passing the time in isolation with adorable dinner parties for his four-legged friends. While in self-quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak, James Middleton shared photos of his pups around the dinner table
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