Gabe and Nina

Wake Up Wars - Win Kesha Tickets!

Listen to Gabe and Nina January 27th through January 31st to play Wake Up Wars! The winner each day wins tickets to see Kesha at the Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island on May 23rd!
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Chicago Restaurant Week Edition: High Low Game

Mark & Alex are this weeks contestants on the #HighLowGame. Gabe & Nina will name 3 of their favorite dishes from restaurants around Chicago, then it's up to Mark & Alex to guess the price. Winner walks away with exclusive Gabe & Nina coffee mugs!
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Frido & Alexis battle for Aventura Ticket: Wake Up Wars

There is a lot of pressure on Frido & #TeamGabe, the guys are down 2-0 this week and there are Aventura tickets up for grabs. #TeamNina & Alexis want to make it 5 wins in a row. Will Frido come through in the clutch? #WakeUpWars #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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You Have to Love a Good Tequila Story:The Dog, Kid, or Drunk

Today the #WheelOfWhatever has landed on The dog, the kid, or the drunk. Maribel tells us the story of a tequila shot that was finished by an unlikely character.
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Did Elizabeth Break The Only Rule?: Wake Up Wars

Elizabeth & Erik faceoff today on #WakeUpWars, but one team got some outside help. Which team was it ? and what was the best solution ? #WakeUpWara #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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Who Did This George Washington Project?: Lie Detectors

Teacher Cristina's student just turned in a project like no other, but this student never displayed this kind of grade A work before. Now Teacher Cristina is left wondering if this project was truly put together by only her student or with the help of someone else. Gabe, Nina, and the #LieDetectors...
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Do Tom & Bonnie Know Their Ninja Turtles?: Wake Up Wars

New week means it's a fresh start for both #TeamGabe & #TeamNina, but it is a short week so every win is crucial. Today the pressure is on Tom & Bonnie, who is going to deliver for their team? #WakeUpWars #TeamGabe #TeamNina
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Wake Up Wars - Win Aventura Tickets!

Listen to Gabe and Nina January 20th through January 24th to play Wake Up Wars! The winner eachd ay will win a pair of ticekts to see Aventura at the United Center on February 28th!
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Mark vs. Erin: Wake Up Wars

Mark & #TeamGabe want to end the week on a strong note, but Erin & #TeamNina are trying to keep the streak alive. It's time for #WakeUpWars! #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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What in the World Is a Water Lever?: First World Friday

Gabe notices something is off in the latest walkthrough of his house, Nina was missing an essential piece to her lunch delivery, and Jessica paid extra money for nothing. All of the perfect ingredients for a funny #FirstWorldFriday. #Gabe&Nina #FirstWorldFriday
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