Gabe and Nina

Does Vanessa Deserve Another Chance? : Hookup Hotline

Vanessa wants her ex boyfriend Carlos back. The problem is Vanessa left him to pursue her career elsewhere. Has Carlos forgiven her and is he ready to take her back?
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Have You Ever Heard Of The Centipede?: Sexy Spanish Talk

Riley joins Gabe & Nina to play some Sexy Spanish Talk. Gabe will read her 3 statements in Spanish and Riley has to guess if what he is saying is sexy or silly.
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Baby Boba

Baby Daddy Check-In, May 28th

The baby daddy check in today covers baby swaddles. Why are they necessary and why does Gabe's daughter hate them? Gabe tells us why.
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Lois Lane Is Which Super Hero’s Love Interest ? Wake Up Wars

It's time for another essential worker edition of Wake Up Wars. Representing Team Gabe, we have Shawn in Hines, Illinois going against Lauren in New Lenox. Team Nina has been crushing the week, can they keep their streak going?
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Do You Know Remember The Name Of Psy’s 2012 Hit Song?: Throwback Trivia

Paul thinks he knows his throwbacks, but does he know enough for Gabe & Nina’s TBT game?
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Did Sarah's Boyfriend Go To A Cookout With An Ex Girlfriend?: Lie Detectors

It wasn't a very happy Memorial Weekend for Sarah. Her boyfriend Erik went to a friends cookout over the weekend and sparred some details about who was there. Sarah thinks his ex girlfriend Melissa was there and Erik is denying it.
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Baby crib 2

Baby Daddy Check-In, May 26th

Gabe has found a new source of good ideas, but do they actually work? On this Baby Daddy Check-In, Gabe tells us about this book he's been reading and if it is actually helping put his baby girl to sleep.
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Stay Connected

What Wine Smells Like Leather & Caramel?: Weed Or Wine

Sonya is today's contestant on Weed Or Wine. She is going to guess if the 3 leathery, sandy, and berry aroma descriptions are weed or wine.
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Baby diapers

Baby Daddy Check-In, May 21

On this Baby Daddy Check-In, Gabe tells us the story of his daughters first "blow out" and this has nothing to do with a haircut.
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Baby crib

Baby Daddy Check-In, May 20th

What do you do when your baby gets dirty right after a bath? On this Baby Daddy Check-In, Gabe tells us what he had to do for the very first time and how it went.
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