heart attack

BREAKING NEWS: Louis Tomlinson's Sister Passes Away

Such sad and shocking news for the Tomlinson family as Louis' sister Felicite' suffered a heart attack and died today. She was ONLY 18! Last Friday was a dream, spending time with you lovely people and sharing my newest project, thank you! Love you -- More to come----⚡️ A post shared by Félicité...
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B96 Cares!

Every puff of a cigarette damages cells in your body. The chemicals in those cigarettes damage blood vessels. That damage ups your risk of a heart attack and death. Video of Heart Stopper (2010 Surgeon General PSA)
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B96 Cares! Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

Nearly 80 million Americans, or 1 in 3 adults, have high blood pressure, but only half of these individuals have their condition under control.
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