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LIST: Summer Events Canceled in Chicago 2020

While the city is slowly starting to reopen this big summer events have already canceled! See the list here!
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The B96 9 Most Wanted: Is Shamila a Labor Day Smash?

It's the end of the long Labor Day weekend! What song did you want to hear the most? Find out here with tonight's full list from the 9 Most Wanted! The B96 9 Most Wanted for 09/02/19: 9- Lizzo "Truth Hurts" 8- Lil Tecca "Ran$om" 7- 5 Seconds of Summer "Easier" 6- Taylor Swift "Lover" 5- Khalid "...
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Why Don't We Make it the BEST Labor Day EVER!

The Today Show was def not ready for allllll the Limelight love they got this morning! As a Labor Day treat, The Today Show had a special live concert today as part of their summer concert series...and it was Why Don't We! Typically the bands/artists do like 3-5 songs and the guys were up there for...
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Put It in the Bag: Best Labor Day 2019 Deals & Sales

It may not be Black Friday, but Labor Day brings about a ton of good deals and sales.
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Kiss the Summer Away: 8 Things to Do in Chicago This Labor Day

That's a wrap on summer, folks! This Labor Day marks the end of beach bummin', pool parties, and hot temps. Sure, we might still hit the 90s in mid-September, but that ocean breeze has transformed into a scent of pumpkin spice latte's. It just isn't the same. Here are some things we recommend you...
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Memorial Day Metra Freebie!

With the long Memorial Day weekend happening so many more people will be on the road traveling! And nobody likes sitting in traffic - especially if we get that 90 degree weather predicted! Solution? Take Metra ! Aside from the fact that you won't have to argue about a DD if your BBQ/plans has...
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