national taco day

Taco Bout a Deal: National Taco Day 2019 Freebies and Bargains

National Taco Day is here! Even though you probably need an antacid after all the pizza , burgers , coffee and guac you’ve been getting in the last few weeks, only a full-on nut would pass up an opportunity for a discount tac’. To get you ready for the holiday -- which is Oct. 4 -- we’ve compiled...
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LIST: National Taco Day Hook-up

What a delicious way to start your Friday: NATIONAL TACO DAY!!! Check out the list below to find out where the best deals, freebies and more are! National Taco Day 2019 List: Taco Bell Taco Bell is selling a National Taco Day gift set, which is a digital gift card good for two Crunchy Tacos and two...
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Happy National Taco Day!

Step aside Taco Tuesday! Today (Thursday) is NATIONAL Taco Day! So get hungry and pick from the list of places celebrating with great deals! Taco Tuesday 2018 Deals 1) Chuy's Tacos Deal: Customers can add a taco to any entree for $1. AND for free have to dress like one! LOL!! If you do...
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