Garrett's 70th Anniversary Celebration

It's the anniversary of our fave popcorn in the Chi! Garrett Popcorn is celebrating their 70th anniversary! So how are they celebrating? So glad you asked ;P With 70 cent bags of freaking popcorn!! WOO HOO!! THIS WEEK ONLY! Stop into a Shop for $0.70 bags of Garrett Mix from 11am-1pm and help us...
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Never Ending Pasta for life? Olive Garden You Speak to our soul!

If Olive Garden is your happy place (dear breadsticks you complete me) then this is news that is going to rock your pasta world! For super fans, Olive Garden offers the Never Ending Pasta Pass annually which for $100 gets you nine weeks of unlimited pastas and sauces (and of course breadsticks and...
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B96 Cares! Think Before You Post Threats on Social Media!

Every year, the FBI receives thousands of reports about threats made over social media.
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