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camila cabello

TOP 20 COUNTDOWN: Camila Cabello Shines As Fifth Harmony Disband For Good This Week

As Fifth Harmony takes their last bow as a group this week...ex 5H member Camila Cabello enjoys her 5th week at #1! Tune in to B96 every Sunday 7-9am as Nikki counts down Chicago’s most popular songs on the radio. Here’s this week’s countdown: 20. Let me - Zayn 19. Done For Me - Charlie Puth,...
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ariana grande

Ariana Grande Looks Like An Angel On TIME's 'Next Generation Leaders' Issue

Ariana Grande literally looks like an angel with this sky background and light makeup on TIME Magazine's cover. I suppose she is the one who actually has angels all around her. This is TIME's 'Next Generation Leaders' issue. See the full list of leaders and read Ari's interview HERE. thank you @...
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TOP 20 COUNTDOWN: Can't Hold Camila Cabello Down!

What a week for Camila Cabello! She just kicked off the Reputation World Tour with Taylor Swift while holding down the top spot in Chicago. 'Never Be The Same' is #1 on the B96 Top 20 Countdown for the 4th week in a row! Tune in to B96 every Sunday 7-9am as Nikki counts down Chicago’s most popular...
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Want To Be Justin Timberlake's Social Media Manager?

OMG, this is the job of a lifetime! Imagine, YOU working for Justin Timberlake!?!? If you are super social media savvy and think you can handle being J.T.'s social media manager...here's what you have to do: Post a video on LinkedIn by May 13 explaining why you deserve to win. Use the hashtag #...
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Shawn Mendes Announces World Tour!

Shawn Mendes has been hot on the radio with his new single 'In My Blood' which will be on his new album dropping May 25th. Of course he will be going on tour to support it! The tour is simply called 'Shawn Mendes The Tour' and the #MendesArmy best jump on the presale becuase this guy sells out...
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'Deodorant Challenge' Is The New 'Tide Pod Challenge' & It's Just As Dumb & Dangerous!

OK...the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' was a good thing. It was safe and raised money for ALS. All these stupid challenges that have followed are just dumb, dangerous and someone's attempt to go viral. People died from eating Tide Pods in the Tide Pod Challenge. People are on this Deodorant Challenge...
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READ IT: G-Eazy's Apology About Arrest For Assault & Drugs

Last week, G-Eazy got a real bad boy rep to go with his bad boy look. Gerald was arrested at a Sweeden nightclub for assault and cocain possesion. This week, he has issued a public apology to his fans. He manages to do it without sounding soft while taking responsibility. Read his #instaapology...
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LOOK: Every 'It's Gonna Be May' Meme Is Right Here

Everywhere you look on social media today you see that same meme we see every year around this time...'It's Gonna Be May'. Justin Timberlake's cheesy smile has been memed so many different ways for May. If I jump on one bandwagon every year, it's this one. -- Guess what? #ItsGonnaBeMay pic.twitter...
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TOP 20 COUNTDOWN: Can Camila Keep The #1 Spot Again This Week?

Camila is coming strong for the 2nd week in a row...'Never Be The Same' is #1. Tune in to B96 every Sunday 7-9am as Nikki counts down Chicago’s most popular songs on the radio. Here’s this week’s countdown: 20. Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons 19. Want You Back - 5 Seconds Of Summer 18. IDGAF -...
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OMG Selena Gomez Shaved Her Head!

Selena shaved her Hair!! Well...not all of it. Just the bottom part in the back so you can see it when she puts it in a ponytail. People often get new hair when they have a relationship that breaks up. Since her and Bieber are on a 'break'...maybe this is indication they may have split for good???...
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