Dating Expert Says Never Date Men in Their 30s Due to Their Commitment Issues

Relationship expert Jana Hocking has some new advice for those looking for their potential soulmate: stay away from the 30-year-olds. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Kenzie K

Kenzie's Kwickies: The Love Therapist On Quarantine Couples

Kenzie's Kwickies: The Love Therapist
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Demi Lovato performs at American Airlines Arena

Demi Lovato Seen Kissing New Boo

Since leaving rehab recently, Demi Lovato seems very happy and healthy. She's sparked relationship rumors with designer Henry Levy after being spotted on multiple dates. Surces say he is serving as her sober companion, but it seems they are pretty serious since they sealed the night with a kiss...
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How Long Do You Wait To Make The First Move?

Dating is always awkward! When do you think is the perfect time to make "the move?"
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Do You Take Off Your Wedding Ring?

Nina met someone in Orlandao that doesn't wear their wedding ring, but happily talks about his marriage. Do you take off your wedding ring? Why?
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Do You Fight With Your SigFig In Public?

Fights are usually embarrassing, especially with your significant other. Do you fight in public or keep it indoors??
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Are You A Cuddle Bunny??

Nicki Minaj breaks stereotypes when she admits she does NOT like cuddling after sex. If you're in her bedroom make sure you give her ALL the space! Are you a cuddler??
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Will Insecurities Push Your Relationship Away?

In recent interviews Pete Davidson has been saying Ariana Grande will break-up with him eventually. The first time seemed like a joke, but the consistent comment has people pulling on his insecurities. Would you get tired of your partners presistent insecurities?
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How would YOU describe you sex life in four words?
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Exes Behaving Badly: When The Ex Calls!

Everyone has a crazy Ex they want to vent about, but what happens when the Ex confesses their story?! LOL.
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