Niall Horan Joins Taylor Swift On Stage At Wembly Stadium

Taylor Swift has been having a ton of surprises on her Reputation World Tour. Selena Gomez, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes just to name a few. Last night in the world famous Wembley Stadium, Niall Horan came out on stage and sang his 'Slow Hands'. Check it out below. Soundcheck at Wembley Stadium with...
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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj 'The Light Is Coming'

Ariana Grande's album 'Sweetener' will be released in August and just went on pre-sale today. Pre-sale purchasers got the auto download of Ari's song with Nicki Minaj 'The Light Is Coming'. They also released the video for it and we get an end of world apocalypse vibe from it. Peep it below. Video...
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VIDEO PREMIERE: Summer Bash Artist Halsey & Lauren Jauregui 'Strangers'

This Saturday, Halsey will be in Chicago to plat the B96 Pepsi Summer Bash. She will mos def play this new track with ex Fifth harmony member Lauren Juaregui, 'Strangers'. The video was just released and the girls box each other in it!!! LOVE!!! Video of Halsey - Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui...
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Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Get Tattoos, Go Apartment Shopping

Ariana is adulting. She is out apartment shopping with her new fiance Pete Davidson and they got tattoos together. She showed off her hand tattoo that says “H2GKMO.” It stands for “honest to God knock me out,” one of her favorite phrases. Ari's SNL fiancegot “REBORN” tattooed on his hand, inspired...
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What Other Celebs Got Engaged After Only A Few Weeks Dating Like Ariana Grande & Did The Love Last?

Ariana Grande shocked her Arianators by getting engaged to new bf after just 7 weeks of dating. The lucky guy is Pete Davidson, and he spent $100,000 on a huge rock you can see from space! So do you think they rushed into things? I that enough time to really get to know each other? We...
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Camila Cabello Gives Detailed Instruction On How-To Do The Sangria Wine Dance

Camila Cabello is a fan of the fruity red wine! I suppose it's very popular in Havana? Well, Camila and Pharell's 'Sangria Wine' song has a dance! She just released how-to instructions for the dance moves. Zoom in, practice, repeat. When you got it down, do the #SangriaWineDanceChallenge by posting...
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TOP 20 COUNTDOWN: Can't Hold Camila Cabello Down!

What a week for Camila Cabello! She just kicked off the Reputation World Tour with Taylor Swift while holding down the top spot in Chicago. 'Never Be The Same' is #1 on the B96 Top 20 Countdown for the 4th week in a row! Tune in to B96 every Sunday 7-9am as Nikki counts down Chicago’s most popular...
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Want To Be Justin Timberlake's Social Media Manager?

OMG, this is the job of a lifetime! Imagine, YOU working for Justin Timberlake!?!? If you are super social media savvy and think you can handle being J.T.'s social media's what you have to do: Post a video on LinkedIn by May 13 explaining why you deserve to win. Use the hashtag #...
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Shawn Mendes Announces World Tour!

Shawn Mendes has been hot on the radio with his new single 'In My Blood' which will be on his new album dropping May 25th. Of course he will be going on tour to support it! The tour is simply called 'Shawn Mendes The Tour' and the #MendesArmy best jump on the presale becuase this guy sells out...
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READ IT: G-Eazy's Apology About Arrest For Assault & Drugs

Last week, G-Eazy got a real bad boy rep to go with his bad boy look. Gerald was arrested at a Sweeden nightclub for assault and cocain possesion. This week, he has issued a public apology to his fans. He manages to do it without sounding soft while taking responsibility. Read his #instaapology...
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