sour patch kids

Sally Hansen Launches New Sour Patch Kids Nail Polish Collection for Halloween

Sally Hansen has a new treat just in time for Halloween. The beauty brand has unveiled a new line of nail polish in collaboration with Sour Patch Kids candy.
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Avocados & Gummies :Avocados Make Everything Taste Better

Sour Patch Kids is a treat almsot everyone loves, but would you love them the same with avocado? Gabe & Nina are going to try their favorite Sour Patch Kids flavor with some avocado. Did they find their new favorite treat ? Or did they just ruin Sour Patch Kids? #...
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OMG! Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is coming Just in Time For Christmas

I'm a sucker for sour candy. If you're like me, this sour breakfast cereal news is going to make your mouth water. A Sour Patch Kids cereal is hitting shelves this December. Post Cereal (no, it's not owned by Post Malone) and the candy brand have teamed up for a tongue-tingling, candy-inspired...
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