team gabe

Winner Take All: Wake Up Wars

Jaime & #TeamGabe are up against Ashley & #TeamNina today on #WakeUpWars. Since it is a short week, this win is worth double the points. Can Jaime & the guys steal this week from Ashley & the ladies? #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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Did Elizabeth Break The Only Rule?: Wake Up Wars

Elizabeth & Erik faceoff today on #WakeUpWars, but one team got some outside help. Which team was it ? and what was the best solution ? #WakeUpWara #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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Do Tom & Bonnie Know Their Ninja Turtles?: Wake Up Wars

New week means it's a fresh start for both #TeamGabe & #TeamNina, but it is a short week so every win is crucial. Today the pressure is on Tom & Bonnie, who is going to deliver for their team? #WakeUpWars #TeamGabe #TeamNina
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Mark vs. Erin: Wake Up Wars

Mark & #TeamGabe want to end the week on a strong note, but Erin & #TeamNina are trying to keep the streak alive. It's time for #WakeUpWars! #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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Caleb vs. Britney: Wake Up Wars

Caleb & Britney face off on Thursday's edition of #WakeUpWars. Can Caleb & #TeamGabe make it 4 wins in a row ? or Will Britney & #TeamNina end the streak? #Gabe&Nina #WakeUpWars #TeamGabe #TeamNina
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Wes vs. Rainy : Wake Up Wars

Gabe & the fellas' took a commanding 2-0 lead over Nina & the ladies. Today, Wes is looking to crush the ladies hopes of a comeback, but standing in the way is Rainy. Will Rainy spark the comeback this week for the ladies? or will Wes & Team Gabe complete the sweep? #WakeUpWars #...
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