Lebron Wants To Play In The NBA With His Son

Lebron James has big dreams! James stated he's hoping that he will be able to play in the NBA with his son on the same team. Will he be training him to get on the squad in four years?
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Top Hobbies That Are Dying Out

Don't stop checking your horoscope, save those Beanie Babies and buy more paint! According to SWNS Digital here's the full list of hobbies that are becoming more nostalgic than trendy. 1. Trainspotting 2. Quilting 3. Astrology 4. Scrapbooking 5. Home brewing 6. Squash 7. Mechanics 8. Astronomy 9...
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Chance The Rapper Surprises Chicago Students With Childish Gambino

Chance The Rapper surprises students at his Social Works event, Open Mike with a very special guest, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover. Gambino performed for the students at Chicago's Harold Washington Library and answered any questions the young artists may have with helping their career. #...
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Cardi B Wants To Give God A Big Hug!

Cardi B gets emotional talking about having more than one song in the top of the charts. The rapper says she wants to give God a biiiig hug. Praise to hardwork and success!
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Watermelon Recall In Illinois!

WARNING! 31 people have been hospitalized with salmonella poisoning from eating pre-cut watermelon. This resulted in Caito Foods pre-cut watermelon being recalled in EIGHT states including Illinois. The other states sending out the warning are Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri...
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Culinary Rock Star Anthony Bourdain Dead At 61

Celebrity Chef, writer, and Emmy-winning TV personality, Anthony Bourdain, was found dead in his hotel room Friday morning. Chef Eric Ripert found Bourdain in his room from an apparent suicide. The chefs were in the middle of filming in Strasbourg, France for his CNN show, Parts Unknown. Details...
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BSB Finally Tell Us What "I Want It That Way" Means

Backstreet Boys finally answer a questions we've been dying to know for YEARS! What do they "Want It That Way"?
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Denver FBI Agent Dances So Hard His Gun Hits The Floor And Fires

Things turned into the wild west at a bar in Denver over the weekend. An FBI agent started feeling himself on the dancefloor when his gun fell out. As he picked the weapon off the floor it FIRED and shot a guy in the leg. Luckily the bar go-er is okay! Watch the video here .
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Drake attends 'THE CARTER EFFECT' premiere at the Visa Screening Room at Princess of Wales Theatre during the 2017 Toronto Film Festival on September 9, 2017 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Audio: Does Drake Have A Secret Kid?

Pusha T released a diss track putting Drake's business ALL out in the public. According to Pusha, Drake has a baby! Can Drake clapback with the truth? Here's photo of the potention baby mama. Check this out!
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#Viral: Woman Shaves Legs In The Pool!

Please evacuate the pool! A woman in Florida shaves her legs IN THE POOL while people are swimming. Can someone clean the pool??
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