Wake Up Wars

Benny The Bull

Do You Know The Name of This Chicago Mascot?: Wake Up Wars

The week is tied 1-1, can Dan welcome back Gabe with a victory? Or will Fatima and Team Nina spoil the party?
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Can You Name This R&B Singer?: Wake Up Wars

It’s a battle of Michelles this morning on Wake Up Wars. Michelle from Plainfield will represent Team Gabe and Michelle from Crown Point will represent Team Nina.
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Wake Up Wars, The Last Dance Edition

The Last Dance inspired Gabe & Nina to do a Bulls edition of Wake Up Wars, so todays contestants will be asked Bulls history questions. Liz will be on #TeamGabe and Crystal will represent #TeamNina
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Wake Up Wars Couldn’t Faze Jason: Wake Up Wars

Gabe & Nina welcome Jason & Helen to #WakeUpWars Essential Worker Edition. Jason will represent #TeamGabe, Helen will represent #TeamNina.
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What Former Presidential Nominee Lived In Chicago?:WakeUpWars

It is#EssentialWorkerWeek on #WakeUpWars. Team Gabe absolutely dominated last week and want to keep the streak going. Nina is tired of the jokes so here to help end it is Regina. Melissa will be representing for Team Gabe. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabeVsTeamNina
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Zoom, Zoom?: Wake Up Wars

#Gabe&Nina keep on rolling with the essential workers edition of #WakeUpWars. This week Gabe's essential employee will be Desiree, Nina's essential employee will be Connie. Team Nina took the day before so it is 1-1. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabeVsTeamNina
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Essential Workers Week: Wake Up Wars

Mayor & Lisa are here and ready to play #WakeUpWars Essential Workers Edition. Mayor will represent #TeamGabe and Lisa will represent #TeamNina. It's a new week, so those monday wins are always vital. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabeVsTeamNina
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Gabe & Nina Switch Teams: Wake Up Wars

Gabe & Nina bring in a new twist to #WakeUpWars. They have both agreed to switch captain roles on their teams. Jenn will represent #TeamGabe, James will be on #TeamNina. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabeVsTeamNina
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Ladies Need You Lindsey: Wake Up Wars

Ladies find themselves down 2-0 this week. Can they pull it together on this "Woman Wednesday"? Lindsey will lead the charge for #TeamNina and Jeremy will be to represent #TeamGabe. Gabe can wrap this up and win himself a breakfast if they fellas win today. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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Ms. Looby & Mateen, These Are Real Names: Wake Up Wars

Mateen & Ms Looby join Gabe & Nina for #WakeUpWars. Ms Looby will be representing #TeamNina, and Mateen will represent #TeamGabe. Fellas are off to the strong 1-0 start, let's see if they can keep it going. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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