Only Activity Being Done Is Eating: Who's Weekend Was It?

Quarantine weekends are a little different these days, so Stella has some thinking to do. One surprise guest had one morning show host flipping out, another morning show host made the perfect steak, and finally, what morning show host was too lazy to make food, so they ordered chicken. #Who'...
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The B96 9 Most Wanted: Feeling Friday on a Thursday!

The B96 9 Most Wanted!
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Special Guest "A" Joins the Show

"A" has a "friend" flying into town for the NBA All Star Weekend. She has been seeing this friend for a year now and things have been pretty casual between the two. However, "A" thought she was going to have him all to herself on Valentine's Day. Until, she found out his wife is coming on the trip...
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The Perfect Valentines Day Gift Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Valentines Day is around the corner and you may be struggling finding a gift that's thoughtful, will get you brownie points, and keep you out of trouble this weekend! I decided to reach out to the Star Goddess and find out the perfect gifts to give based on someone's zodiac sign. You're welcome in...
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Weekend of 07/20/19: What to do this weekend in Chicago!

These summer weekends are flying by! Need plans? We've got you! Want to see a B96 broadcast? Find Tyler and the B96 Street Team here from 10am-2pm on Saturday, June 20th: B96 and Pepsi Looking for a beach party with live music and DJ Flipside? Head to North Avenue Beach for Volleywood! Want to see...
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Chicago 411! Find out what's going on in the Chi this weekend!

Happy weekend ya'll! Whether you are free, working or already have plans...it's always nice to be in the know! Find out what's going on in Chicago this weekend , Friday, September 28th - Sunday, September 30th! If you're looking to root-root-root for the home team you may lose your voice! It's a...
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Dwayne Johnson Says It's Tequila Time!

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, officially launched his own tequila company. The brand is called Mana which mean "spirit" in Polynesian. Will you buy a round of Mana this weekend?
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