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Kenzie's Kwickies: Quarantine Do's & Don'ts For Your Zodiac

Kenzie's Kwickies with The Star Goddess
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The Perfect Valentines Day Gift Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Valentines Day is around the corner and you may be struggling finding a gift that's thoughtful, will get you brownie points, and keep you out of trouble this weekend! I decided to reach out to the Star Goddess and find out the perfect gifts to give based on someone's zodiac sign. You're welcome in...
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QUIZ: Who would you be in Mean Girls?

Mean Girls is an iconic movie and today is the day to make references galor! WHY? Video of Mean Girls - It's October 3rd YES!!! October 3rd! I found this article that matches you with a Mean Girls character based on your zodiac sign. I could not stop laughing after I found out I'd be Karen...
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The Bad News Bible: What Does Your Birthday Say About You?

Forget hearing about the good things headed your way! Find out what to avoid! What bad news is coming your way based off your birthday?
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